NY + North East USA

There is so much amazing rock around the North East USA, here's my ticklist. Some of these are lifetime goals, but I'm hoping I can get a fair few done when back in shape this spring and fall. 

V7 Ice Cube Dyno Ice Pond
V7 The Official Ice Pond
V8 Jackson Pollock Gunks
V8 Art of Nothing Gunks
V8 Out Of Sight Great Barrington
V9 Catharthis Gunks
V9 Yikes Gunks
V9 Dragon Turns Gunks
V9 Black Angus Haycock PA
V10 Pelligro Haycock PA
V10 True Blue Great Barrington
V10 Tim K Dyno Great Barrington
V10 The Speed Dyno - Great Barrington
V10 Big Black Gunks
V11 Trinity CT
V11 Bats Great Barrington
V11 Crouching Dragon Gunks
V11 Euphoria Gunks
V11 Venus in Scorpio Gunks
V11 Yoyo Jiminy NYC
V11 Owl's Lair Project Ragged MT CT
V11 Suspect Device Bradley CT
V12 Ty's Problem Central Park
V12 Messiah Sit Gunks
V12 Drama Gunks
V13 Roses and Blue Jays Great Barrington