Ever since I first touched the English southern sandstone in my late teens I've always enjoyed the feeling of movement over rock, that feeling of pushing yourself to try and achieve something that feels impossible at first. But it was only in my university years, whilst living in Nottingham and Sheffield, that the climbing bug took hold. Both of those cities have great climbing scenes, steeped in history with rock on their doorstep. There I met stronger and better climbers who taught me the ways of the British climbing and training scene; dusty and dark cellar boards, pulling hard on wooden holds, limestone eliminates on hidden crags, problems through dirty caves where legends such as Ben Moon, Jerry Moffatt and Zippy hung out in the old days and every younger climber now comes to pay homage to their efforts to move the sport forward. 

A career move sent me to London, where freelance work and nightshifts led me to spend hours in the wall seeing where this training ethic could get me. A long way from rock, training became a way of life - a way to push myself and learn techniques that could lead to improvement. I gleaned techniques from a number of world class climbers I was fortunate enough to know and turned them into a blog about my battle to become a stronger better climber.

It worked, I got pretty damn strong and feats of strength were my thing - but a lack of rock time and two subsequent injuries during trips left me never fulfilling my climbing potential. Five years later this is a new beginning for me, which you can read about here, and this is a reincarnation of the site I once had. I'm on a new continent with rock on my doorstep and new strong friends to train with around me. 

I originally launched the site under an assumed name because I wanted the focus to be simply about documenting that battle. I would never be good enough to have sponsors, I have a career a long way from climbing. There are many who make their living from what they do on rock and I hope you'll check out the friends section of this site for links to those who have helped me along the way. They are better climbers than I'll ever be and they deserved to be talked about and supported so they can push the boundaries of the sport even further.