The Project Magazine


I've been training hard and things are starting to come together, the feeling is back and the flow is coming. The first board session went down yesterday and it felt good to be back at 45 degrees. I've also had other things on my mind to keep my psyche high...

Over the past 5 years I've been away from the sport I've been keeping an eye on climbing media, and a few weeks ago after a discussion with friends I decided there was an opportunity to build something a little different. So we've pulled together a group of talented creative climbers and we're launching a new venture - a collaborative digital magazine focussed on high quality inspiring content. 

Climbing is by its nature a sport which inspires creativity, so many people including myself have picked up a camera to either shoot photos or film due to climbing. In my personal case it led to a career in the media. We're looking to bring many of those people together to build something which gives something back to the community. 

This isn't about chasing clicks, its about inspiring people to get outside, explore and climb.

We're launching soon, subscribe to the email at


Neal Mann

New York City