One After Another

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Each move comes easier than the last, I steadily work my way through my circuit - different angles, different moves, heels, toes, crimps, slopers, pinches. 

Mileage, constant mileage. 

Flash, second go or move on. Over and over, moving up the grades and back down again.

Pyramids of progress. 

As I move through my circuit I get a unique view of the NYC climbing scene, gym rats thug their way through problems, feet slapped on with little thought. 'My shoes aren't sticky anymore' a guy complains after flopping off a problem. 'Yeah man you probably need new ones' his mate snaps back. I look down at his feet to see a brand new looking pair of shoes, 'Squeak them' I say to blank stares. 

Moving through the grades I also get a unique view of the way the gyms are set here, set to make people think they are getting good at climbing - quickly, to take money away from Soulcycle. After a 40 problem circuit my skin is sore and I haven't encountered a single screw on foothold, or a problem I couldn't skip moves on - the Climbing Works this is not.

This is a world built for those who will probably never touch rock.  

Still, it suits my need for now - mileage, constant mileage that's all I am working on for the next month. I need my  body to get back used to climbing, used to the angles, the holds, the moves - ready to pull hard.

I need that flow.



Neal Mann

New York City