Fighting Fit


As I pulled on the first rung I knew this was a breakthrough, a big step back to fitness. My first campus session in 5 years and it felt good, hard, but damn good. I still wasn't at full fitness as I made those moves, but with the elbow back to normal the injuries I was carrying didn't effect my ability to pull down. My fingers are improving and I'm carrying a frustrating pain in my hand, which has stopped me sidepulling, picked up from it being crushed during a game of soccer last week, but I neither stopped basically pulling - and so I set to work. 


I ran through my old routines, the movements felt as familiar as they did all those years ago. The strength wasn't quite where it was but my base level was high. I'd found a new training partner too in my buddy Sam Gardner. Sam built the campus board at our gym and it is perfectly set up, half rungs after 5 to aid progression. I needed them too, only managing 1-5-7.5 as my max on the large Metolius rungs. We moved through my old routines, noting down each attempt, each different exercise.  I smiled as I dropped to the mat on my final rep, this is it I thought, it has finally begun - game time. 

The timing couldn't be better as I've hit my first major weightloss target of 164 lbs. With my friend Mark Ireland's diet I've shed 16lbs in a little over 6 weeks. Amusingly due to him being in London we've had to monitor progress through selfies. Even with the irritating injuries it shows in training, I'm beginning to move well again, feeling light. I've now added a 30 min TRX session to my morning core work out. 

All I need now is the finger to heal and to step up to the Beastmaker...



Neal Mann

New York City