Three From Great Barrington

Bouldering is a collection of experiences, both good and bad - a send here, an injury there - we often rank places we have visited based on how that bouldering experience goes, an experience which may be down to luck - good or bad. 

We've all done it.

It would be easy for me to rank Great Barrington in the bad experience category, but it would also be unjust. Sure I'm sat here nursing a finger back to full form, with no sends under my belt - but really my expectations were low and the finger is not as bad as I thought. A dose of hot and cold treatment has reduced the swelling and with it the pain. It seems that in pinging off the crux move of The Bump while warming up I smashed my knuckle into the rock, bruising the joint. Sure, it ended my days climbing but hopefully it hasn't really delayed my return to fitness.

Two of those with me had much better days, they walked away with problems in the bag - here's a couple of them.