Escape From New York

The essentials

The essentials

There are three types of people on the subway at 7am on a Saturday morning; those coming in from a night out, those going to work, and those trying to escape the city. That latter group for the first time in a while includes me. Like a kid at Christmas I was awake at the crack of dawn, having already packed the night before in preparation, I sipped my green tea and ate my only portion of carbs for the day - oats. I savioured every mouthful as I meditated on what was ahead.

Nearly 5 years to the day after I last touched rock in the beautiful forests of Fontainbleau I am about to do it again, this time in the glorious forests of New England.  Ever since I saw a clip of Paul Robinson climbing some of the gems there in Dosage, I've wanted to hit Great Barrington.  Ty and Jeff Landman have both told me the style of rock would suit me and the rock quality was as superb as I thought. You only need to spend five minutes in the climbing wormholes of YouTube and Vimeo to see the quality of problems at every grade there. 

So this is it, I'm sat in the car heading about cross state lines to a place I've always dreamt of visiting. Sure there are problems I want to do, Bambino V8, Kindred Spirits V9, True Bleau V10 and a whole host of others on my ticklist for this season, but that doesn't matter this time around - all that matters is that I lay down my brand new mat and pull on some rock.  

Then the real journey begins... 

Neal Mann

New York City