When It Comes

The sun sets on my way to my evening session

The sun sets on my way to my evening session

You can feel it, there is a certain point when it just clicks.

Any comeback to climbing often feels awkward, body positions don't feel quite right, your fingers tweak, your core is loose. Then there's a moment when things start to change, you start to flow. I hit that point yesterday - after a weekend of sickness I wasn't expecting much as I hit the gym to work out the cobwebs in the early evening. But as soon as I pulled on things felt different. Maybe I'd needed the three days rest, maybe the stinking cold I'd had was my body telling me it needed a break. Telling me it had done what I'd asked the last two months, but not to push it too far. 

I knew it as soon as I pulled on my first problem after warming up, a new one that had just gone up. A crowd of people were gathered trying it, I took one look and knew it wouldn't be hard for me, still within my current flash grade - but the important question I needed the answer to was how would it feel. I knew as soon as I pulled on the first hold, I flowed through the first few moves, my fingers strong in a prone position as I gripped and matched the crux pinch, my core locked solid, the morning core sessions paying off.  The last six crimp moves felt like I was pulling on jugs.  I topped out and walked back down the stairs smiling to myself, this is where it really starts I thought to myself, this is the true beginning. 

This wasn't the float I have felt in the past, where you feel light as a feather and unstoppable. This was the flow though, the flow that I have craved for a while. Every move felt natural and easy, I still climbed open to save my elbow, but that even that felt normal.  I continued to work my way up my flash grades, dispatching a few problems I've had my eye on for a while.

This is where the journey really begins...

Neal Mann

New York City