What Breaks The Man Makes The Beast

There is something mashocistic about the act of finger boarding. It's a brutal training exercise by anyone's measure, but we undertake it knowing that if we push on the rewards could be plentiful. 

Many an hour I spent under the Beastmaker in London, pushing my fingers to the limit. Here I am, five years on, this time in NYC staring up at that same piece of wood - knowing the pain of the undertaking ahead of me.

Yet relishing it all the same.  

The act of chalking up and pulling on to those holds brings back a wave of nostalgia, the headphones on, a set completed, the chalk brushed off the training diary as I note the successes and the failures. 

There is nothing I love more than seeing progress and the beauty of finger boarding is that the progress is measureable. I'm currently working on two different Beastmaker regimes on rotation - the first, the old faithful featuring repeaters and encores on slopers pockets, the second a crimp only session that my good friend and fingerboard beast Dave Mason set me to work on what I think is my weakness. I'll post both of these up in the Training section soon. 

It felt good to be pulling down on the Beastmaker crimps tonight, I've definitely got a long way to go but I'm relishing the challenge.  

No need to add weight yet though... I've still got ten pounds to shed.  

Neal Mann

New York City