It's All About The Numbers


Amazing how a number can make something feel so much harder, the addition of a bouldering grade or training one less finger in a pocket on the Beastmaker. The same is true of losing weight and getting into shape. When I first started dieting two weeks ago I was 178 lbs, my target weight is 160 lbs and back then it felt a long long way away. It's been going well, the weight has been coming off - but it still felt a long way off.

That was until today.

Today I broke through the 170 lbs barrier for the first time, weighing in at 169.8 lbs. That number makes so much difference psychologically, my training weight now feels attainable. I'm working on the diet with my good buddy and personal trainer from London Mark Ireland, he's set something which will help me shift the pounds in good time whilst also making the weight loss sustainable and healthy. 

Back on the back two on the Beastmaker... It's good to be back.

Back on the back two on the Beastmaker... It's good to be back.

After a month of conditioning I'm also now at a point where I can start my training cycle. Yesterday I had my first Beastmaker session. This first cycle I'm using two different sessions, one focussing on slopers and pockets using repeaters and encores and the second session focussing solely on crimp power. I'll be alternating between the two different sessions, as crimping is where I need to develop my strength I'm really looking forward to seeing what potential gains I can make.  

Luckily the training set up at the gym that I climb at is superb, even luckier very few people ever seem to use it. This is something I've seen in both London and NYC and I guess a product of a climbing culture that sees most people only really climbing indoors - or not wanting to put themselves through the pain of training. 

I'm not going to complain though, just put in the earphones, crank up the tunes and get down to training the back two...  

Neal Mann

New York City