Bring On The Battle

It can be hard to say no, when the view from one of your locals is this good. But that's what I've got to do from now on if I want to cut the weight. NYC is a city built on boozing, the culture here very much revolves around it. The local bar on my corner is open until 4am every single day of the year without fail. 

That brings temptation, a lot of temptation. 

I've always enjoyed that aspect of this city, you can do whatever you want whenever you want. That wasn't a problem for all these years that I surfed, as long as you didn't get too wasted you could always drag yourself out of bed and go wash the hangover out with a sunrise session. But climbing, at least for me, isn't like that.  I have to feel on my game, I have to be fresh to train and climb hard. 

The last two weekends have included trips to New Orleans and a good friend visiting from LA, and they've included booze as a result. Now those are out of the way the booze is going too, at least until I can get to my target weight and phase it back in. My target weight is 160lbs, I'm 172lbs currently so still a fair way to go, but I'm only two weeks into the diet and am already 6lbs down.  

That date with that IPA is going to have to wait...


Neal Mann

New York City