Here We Go Again

Forgive me, it has been many months since my last confession and I find myself yet again on another journey of redemption. 

In the half a year since I last climbed much has changed. I'd been slowing getting back into climbing, enjoying the training and had sampled some of the amazing rock the northeast has to offer. But then it all went wrong - a lumbrical injury from an 'interesting' hold at the gym and my comeback to strength was on hold.  Months went by and it wouldn't heal, then disaster struck again and I broke my hand playing soccer. Luckily the water warmed up and the surf got good and I left any thought of climbing behind.  A new job came, diets were left behind and weight put on. 

And here I am.

20lbs heavier and sore from my first  session in many months. Luckily due to a pretty solid 6 month regime of nearly daily TRX and regular surfing my body felt good, sure I got pumped quickly and was too scared to crimp but it was a start. 

So here we go again, winter is here and its time to train for spring. This time I'm hoping I can stay injury free and tick a few problems as the temperature warms up again...



Neal Mann

New York City